Welcome to my blog with a collection of some technology related matters. I mostly fix things. And like sharing the details.

Yaesu FTM-100D - the best Fusion - no wait - .. DMR radio?

I recently bought a Yaesu FTM-100D (I’ve been wanting to buy a decent mobile set for some time, altough I primarily work via DMR Hotspot) and have been quite impressed by it’s feature set and work-flow.

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Kenwood TM-V71 low power

…Or not? Here’s a short post about often overlooked issues with supplying power to your mobile rigs (or any rig for what it’s worth..); Here’s the story I told to the owner of a Kenwood TM-V71…

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FTdx3000 - Omnirig Digital Mode

Hi All, Just a little something I’ve run in to when setting up my new FTdx3000. I had an OmniRig setup with my previous FT-450; worked like a charm, including SDR-Console tracking, etc etc. I run everything trough OmniRig as I don’t need any virtual serial ports that way, and it works pretty fast and stable. Even WSJT-X works with it. Here’s the deal though: the supplied FTdx3000 profile for OmniRig, puts “Digital-UP”-mode in RTTY-DATA mode instead of USB-DATA mode. To fix this, I’ve created a modified profile. Just put it in the Afreet OmniRig install folder and select the profile in OmniRig.
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