Disclaimer: This page is intended to support Radioddity GD-77 users.


I’ll be dropping support for the original GD-77 Firmware and instead will target my codeplugs for use with the most excellent OpenGD-77 Software, developed by Roger Clark (and many, many others!). It supports more channels per zone, and it’s actually aimed at the amateur radio market. One example is that you only need 1 channel per repeater. You can switch Talk groups & Slots on-the-fly. It also has a hotspot mode. Great stuff, give it a go.

For direct downloads, the CPS and instructions – please see the OpenGD77 forum here.

It works like a charm. Make sure to install Roger’s modified CPS as well. You can also flash the OpenGD-77 from said utility.

I’ve made a BeNeLux Codeplug for the OpenGD-77. You can download the codeplug here. (Version 2.1 – 18 may 2021 – Big update / Cleanup)

Don’t forget to change the Intro Screen (callsign on first line, name on second line) and the General settings (DMR ID and callsign). The intro screen data is used for Talker Alias (enable it in the OpenGD-77 under Options -> Send TA).

OpenGD-77 Community Tools

There’s a very handy tool to be found here: the Contact Manager by Colin Durbridge. It allows you to edit your codeplugs via CSV sheets.. Way faster / easier if you know what you’re doing…