Recently, Wim, ON4CGB, went to Friedrichshafen and picked up a nice-looking Kenwood TS-950SDX.

The seller assured him the transceiver was in perfect working order and contained all filters.

As it soon turned out, it wasn’t OK; and there were filters missing. Upon receiving signals on the main VFO, the audio sounded like the transceiver was placed under water. Apparently, a known issue with these transceivers. Normally you re-solder 4 resistor networks near the CPU and you’re done.

Alas, in this case, upon opening the unit, it was immediately clear that someone had tried to patch this up; and a trace was missing to the CPU! I removed the resistor network first, so I could clean up the area. It’s quite noticeable were the trace is missing. It’s the second trace; top right; of CP1.

I couldn’t run some standard magnet wire, as it was a bit too small to handle, and the resistor network needs a decent amount of heat to be properly soldered; so I had to make a small wire jumper. Works perfect, and the OM is happy again.

However – very bad practice from the salesman. Turns out the SSB narrow and CW narrow filter are missing. In any case, the OM at least has a working transceiver again.

73 de ON8AD