Hi All,

Just a little something I’ve run in to when setting up my new FTdx3000. I had an OmniRig setup with my previous FT-450; worked like a charm, including SDR-Console tracking, etc etc. I run everything trough OmniRig as I don’t need any virtual serial ports that way, and it works pretty fast and stable. Even WSJT-X works with it.

Here’s the deal though: the supplied FTdx3000 profile for OmniRig, puts “Digital-UP”-mode in RTTY-DATA mode instead of USB-DATA mode. To fix this, I’ve created a modified profile. Just put it in the Afreet OmniRig install folder and select the profile in OmniRig. Should save you all some head-aches. Click here to download it. It also works great when working Split in WSJTX (set split to “RIG”) – e.g. it doesn’t toggle VFO like the default data profile.

Here’s my menu settings list:

  • 067 – Data Mode: Others
  • 069 – Other Disp: 1000Hz – This is needed as the FTdx3000 adds a 1000Hz shift in data mode – utmost importance for FT8!
  • 071 – Data Lcut Freq: OFF
  • 075 – Data In Select: USB
  • 077 – Data Out Level: 1

This way – you don’t have to switch any mic settings – data modes have their own profile.

73 de ON8AD