Disclaimer: This page is intended to support Radioddity GD-77 users.

Belgian Codeplug

To facilitate use in Belgium – here’s a generic codeplug for firmware 3.1.1 and up (3.1.6 at the moment). I prefer the Community CPS – see below (Version: 5.1 Date: 20181020 – Full BeNeLux Support Changelog). Don’t forget to change your DMR ID under “General Settings – Radio ID”.

BeNeLux DMR ID Database

The following link generates BeNeLuxFr DMR ID lists for the Radioddity GD-77 on-the-fly. It uses data from Ham-Digital (GDPR Proof). Data is cached 2 hours max, as not to put load on the Ham-Digital servers. Needless to say: it’s always up-to-date.

To read or write DMR ID data on the GD-77: Press ” SK2 + Menu (green button) + # “-keys at the same time while turning on the radio. The unit will seem to start normally, but it will accept the connection for the DB upload. Then use the tool supplied with firmware 3.1.1 (Only start the tool AFTER powering on the radio) (Name of the tool is ActiveClient.exe – the original software can be downloaded here).

GD77 Community Tools

There’s two tools that need a place here – they’re the Community CPS created by Roger Clark and the Contact Manager by Colin Durbridge.

Belgian Zone Map

To make it easy to locate a nearby repeater with the zones in the codeplug – there’s a handy map which lists all repeaters and there respective zone – you can take a look at the map here. Alternatively – you can also use the following link which opens a page that uses location services to determine the nearest repeater.